Turbocharge your youtube channel

Build your own web video player

JetVision is a web video player and a complete online video management system that helps you upload, organize, market and share videos. When you need to communicate with your audience, quickly and easily, JetVision, combined with your web video content, is a simple to use, and, very cost effective solution. We guarantee you’ll love your JetVision experience.

Integrated branding and marketing

Create impact and immerse your online audience further by customizing your JetVision web video player with unique colors, identity and your company’s brand. You can also generate additional revenue by offering and selling ad space, or use this space as your own for promotional banners and marketing for your company. Which, did we mention, is all included at no extra charge?

How JetVision works

JetVision runs in your favorite internet browser, on any computer, and gives you powerful, intuitive tools to manage, upload, market and promote your video content for your website. The simple to use JetVision interface guides you through the process of getting your videos up and running online, simply and effectively with easy on screen controls and functionality.

Just pick your content (including the ability to add YouTube videos!), upload, and JetVision does the rest.

Our JetVision technology accepts all the most popular video formats, so all you need to do is collect the files you wish to have in your JetVision web video player and upload them through the application’s intuitive interface.


JetVision gives your organization the ability to help grow, reach, and expand with fantastic integration tools. Spend more time on your key messages and less time on wondering how to deliver them.

JetVision gives you a multitude of ways to make your web video content available to an online audience:

By integrating JetVision’s ability to bridge with social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Myspace, Users will access your videos with the familiarity of their favorite social websites.

JetVision can also queue up, download, and record your videos to watch on TiVo from the comfort of their couches.

Reach even further and your JetVision web video content is also available with RSS feeds and also as an iTunes podcast subscription, which lets your audience take your web video content on the go, and ready for a variety of mobile devices, like the iPhone and the Blackberry.

We also offer your company’s I.T. developers and technical gurus the ability to expand the JetVision experience by offering a robust API. Even more, JetVision provides clean, insertable code to simply copy, paste and insert into any website or blog.

Speed, support and security

To offer the fastest speeds for delivery of your web video content, JetVision uses dedicated bandwidth to push your videos out to your audience.

To protect your videos, security can be applied to all your content to prevent your viewers from downloading and sharing them.

We can help you design and launch your JetVision player; support is always included and available every step of the way.